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Join The Family. Join The Ride.

Join the crew for an immersive Fast & Furious experience. Step into an amazing re-creation of the crew’s headquarters filled with actual movie props and supercharged vehicles you’ve only seen on the big screen. Ride along with Dom, Letty, Hobbs and Roman on a street chase in the middle of the high-octane world of the Fast & Furious blockbuster films. Plus, when you’re in the queue, access bonus content through the Universal Orlando Resort™ app—meet the team, compete in trivia matches and find your true ride.

Get More With the Universal Orlando Resort™ App

Play the in-App Game When You’re in the Queue.

When you’re in the ride queue, you can access the Fast & Furious – Supercharged™ Network through the Official Universal Orlando Resort™ App. Meet the team, get car stats and test your Fast & Furious knowledge. Race up the leaderboard and compete in trivia matches. Unlock messages from the crew. And take a personality quiz to discover your true ride.

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Wait Less with the Virtual Line™.

Use the Official Universal Orlando Resort™ App to hop into the Virtual Line™ for this ride, rather than waiting in the regular queue. You can reserve a ride time for your group from anywhere in the park, then arrive when it’s your time to ride.

Get an inside look into the ride.

Meet the Crew

On this unbreakable team everyone has a role to play.

Dom Toretto - Leader Of The Pack

The head of the Fast & Furious family, Dom Toretto’s code is simple: The only ones I trust are family, and family is everything. Equal parts muscle and big heart, Dom lives and breathes for American steel. If you’re in his crew, you’re forever. If you cross one of them, you’re history.

Letty Ortiz - Fire And Ice

During her toughest hours, the streetwise Letty Ortiz wondered if she’d ever remember who she was or how to love the one who’s always there for her. Dom and Letty’s Bonnie-and-Clyde romance is one for the ages, and her street-fighting and driving skills are unmatched.

Hobbs - The Biggest Gun

After tracking Dom and the crew for years, DDS Agent Hobbs finds himself firmly on Dom’s side when all of their lives are threatened. But get in Hobbs’ way, and the most elite muscle in the fed will bring the full-force of the law (and every ounce of his biceps) to seek vengeance.

Roman Pearce - Ultimate Ladies’ Man

From the moment we first met Brian’s fast-talking, petty-thieving childhood friend, Roman Pearce has had no qualms bucking authority. But what happens when the smooth-talking ladies’ man can’t charm his way out of a situation? We’ll let you know when that happens.

Mia Toretto - Heart Of The Family

Whether manning operations in a heist or fiercely guarding her kid’s safety, Mia is her family’s heart... as well as the one who carves out a semblance of peace for them all. A skillful driver not to be underestimated, when Mia’s behind the wheel she’s all Toretto. Living off the grid with Brian and their two kids, the O’Connor family has found peace.

Tej Parker - Chill Under Pressure

Hacker and mechanic extraordinaire, Tej Parker’s other passion is illegal racing despite the millions he now has in the bank. The brotherly rivalry between the brilliant tech tactician and Roman just slays anyone caught in the middle of their friendly bickering.

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